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The Carmouche Performing Arts Academy inspires emerging artists through a curriculum and culture which connect scholarly curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity to convey talents to lead and collaborate across diverse communities.



The Carmouche Performing Arts Academy will be a supportive educational community where dedicated students achieve high academic standards and pursue excellence in the performing arts while preparing for lifelong involvement in artistic and scholastic pursuits.

Through arts education, academic support, and tutoring services and mentorship, the Carmouche Performing Arts Academy (CPAA) hopes to empower students of the Greater New Orleans region while working to educate them on the historical and cultural history of the performing arts.


This program aims to provide students the opportunity to engage in a unique rigorous, college-preparatory and professional-level arts training. Arts education  is offered in: Dance, Media Arts (filmmaking, animation, creative writing), Music, Musical Theatre, Theatre, and Visual Arts.  The Carmouche Performing Arts Academy aims for young artists to master the skills necessary for academic success, critical thought, and creative expression in hopes that students will be adequately prepared and have the opportunity to receive scholarships and financial aid packages in collegiate programs throughout the country.


Arts Education has the ability to impact the lives of so many people. Students who participate in the performing arts often:


  • Have an understanding of QUALITY as well as the rewards of QUANTITY.

  • Display behaviors based on ETHICS as well as understand the importance of obeying the RULES.

  • Show respect for AUTHORITY as opposed to fear of DOMINATION.

  • Exhibit a working WISDOM as well as a solid transcript of ACHIEVEMENT.

  • Present ongoing development of INNER PEACE as well as a workable plan for personal SECURITY.

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In The


CPAA Launches GoFundMe

The CPAA launches GoFundMe campaign to support music and art education.

November 29, 2016

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