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The Exquisite

"Jazzy Jewels"

Dance Team

       The Exquisite "Jazzy Jewels" represent the Carmouche Performing Arts Academy as symbols of elegance, poise, and sophistication. The Jewels consists of young ladies chosen by audition. Membership is open to students, 14-19 years of age from the Greater New Orleans area .  Students must have a 2.5 grade-point average in order to audition for the dance team. Previous dance training is highly recommended. The most successful members of this squad have had prior dance lessons.  All young ladies selected for the “Jazzy Jewels” dance line are expected to maintain their audition appearance or that which is prescribed once selected to the line.  This will be monitored by  a selected panel appointed by the Director of Bands.  The candidates are judged on showmanship, appearance, personality projection, energy level, arm placement and dance ability. 


      New members of the "Jazzy Jewels" begin practice in the summer. The Jewels rehearse with the marching band and will also meet on their own  as needed. The Jewels participate  in parades, field shows, and also attend dance competitions. The "Jazzy Jewels" are one of the feature units with the CPAA Marching Band  will also attend community events and engage in community outreach activities.  


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