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The Lafayette Campus of the Carmouche Performing Arts Academy (CPAA) is dedicated to providing an unparalleled dance education to all students. Our comprehensive dance program covers a wide range of dance art forms, including Dance, Majorette/Twirler, and Swing Flag/Twirler. By offering training in these various styles, we aim to equip our students with a well-rounded set of skills.

At CPAA, we prioritize the development of dance techniques and a solid understanding of dance terminology. By instilling these foundations in our students, we enable them to excel in their artistic endeavors. Additionally, we encourage individual artistic expression, recognizing that each student has a unique voice and style to bring to the organization.

However, our commitment to our students goes beyond dance training. We believe in nurturing their self-esteem and confidence, as these qualities are essential for success both in the dance world and beyond. By fostering a supportive and empowering environment, we enable our students to reach for and achieve their goals.

Starting soon, classes will be offered at the Lafayette Campus of CPAA on a biweekly basis. We are excited to provide more information in the near future. For any inquiries or to learn more, please feel free to contact us at (504) 571-9844.

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